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Before you apply – Please make sure you understand the below: We are going to ask for your credit card number where we will micro charge you $2.20. This is non- refundable. Your card must be valid until after the festival to use here. If you don’t complete your shifts or turn up to your shift unable to work, let us know you can’t do your shift after the pull out date of 10th of November, or fail to sign in and out straight before and after your shift, we will charge your card the final release ticket price plus the booking fee.

1. Your Info

Register yourself as an available volunteer by using the form below.

2. Availability

Tell us your availability and the areas you wish to volunteer in.

3. Confirmation

After registration our team will notify you by email with all the details.

4. Small Fee

We charge a small $2.00 fee which helps validate your application.

1. Your Information

You can request one friend only, make sure you request them and they request you too. If you do this we will do our best to put you at least on the same shift time.

2. Availability

Choose your preferred time to work?

What areas would you like to work in?

3. Agree to Terms and Conditions

Thanks so much for expressing your interest in applying to be a volunteer at Fairgrounds. Our Vollie squad are a treasured part of our festival! Even though this may seem a bit yawny – it’s super important you read this carefully to make sure volunteering is right for you and you make the right choices in committing to volunteering with us. *FAIRGROUNDS 2018 VOLUNTEER APPLICATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS Applying to be a Volunteer and ticking the box accompanying these terms and conditions means that you have read, understand and acknowledge the terms and conditions set out below by Many Hands and Fairgrounds. You must be over 18 years of age to volunteer at Fairgrounds Festival * In return for your commitment to volunteer at Fairgrounds – you will receive a full ticket to the festival, a great spot in our camp ground and a complimentary, limited edition shirt to wear during your on-duty time and rock after the festival too. * In the event that a volunteer does not complete their scheduled shift they will be charged a penalty fee equal to the value of a final release 2 day ticket with camping to Fairgrounds 2018. * Once registered, any volunteer that pulls out after the 16th November 2018 will be charged the above penalty fee. * If working before or after the festival you will be required to work 1 full day and will be provided lunch. * If working during the festival you will be required to work one 6 hr shift and will need to provide your own meals. *You will find out what job you are doing at the commencement of your shift. * You are solely responsible for getting to your shift on time and not being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. * If you wish to be work on the same shift as someone else - you must request to work with them and they with you. You can choose only ONE person and you both need to choose the same availability. We will do our best to put you together if you can do this for us.

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