Vollie Management System

A unique and comprehensive volunteer management system.

Events, Festivals, organisations and fundraising groups need people power. We are connectors. We connect the right people with the right tasks and roles to create outcomes of mutual gain and satisfaction.

We give volunteers experience, knowledge and a sense of achievement. Providing event organisers with people power that possesses a vested interest in being involved. We give event organisers a reliable and autonomous volunteer management system based on Many Hands unique and tested programme and data collection system. This helps create unique event experiences for attendees, staff and volunteers.

Many Hands has developed a Volunteer management system that covers everything to do with volunteers. Hiring us means that you are guaranteed an ALL INCLUSIVE service ( including credit card capture and charge if the volunteer obligations are not completed).

Many Hands is an environmentally sustainably focused company. We have a recycling, transport and zero single use plastic policy. Feel free to ask us about this!

  • We know that excellent experiences for patrons start with excellent experiences of the event or organisation volunteers and staff.
  • Our recruitment, industry related alliances with learning organisations, personalised, detailed and friendly volunteer communication , attention to detail and tried and tested systems is what allows us to always deliver successful outcomes.
  • We acknowledge people donating their time and energy to making events successful for all, and guarantee a great experience. We express gratitude and honour our volunteer for the contribution they make to the organisation or event.
  • Our system helps event organisers increase profit margins.

How the numbers stack up

On average more than 60% of an event staffing requirements can be made up of volunteers.


Core Staff


Contact Staff


Casual Staff


Volunteer Staff

Industries we work with

We create volunteer management systems and manage volunteers for:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Races and Runs
  • Festivals, Conferences, Events
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Animal & Pet Centers
  • Food Rescue, Campus Kitchens & Pantries

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